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28 June 2024
Almaz Admin
Top Online Earning Games in Pakistan 2024
Earn Real Money by Playing Games Without Investment Pakistan! Gaming is undoubtedly one of the best ways to spend your free time. However, it doesn’t have to be just that. Instead, you can earn money through gaming without any investment. The premise is quite simple. You play games, and in return, you earn real money. […]

Earn Real Money by Playing Games Without Investment Pakistan!

Gaming is undoubtedly one of the best ways to spend your free time. However, it doesn't have to be just that. Instead, you can earn money through gaming without any investment.

The premise is quite simple. You play games, and in return, you earn real money. Like every other country, there's also a gaming community in Pakistan that loves to spend hours indulging in their favorite games.

You can leverage this love for gaming to earn money in Pakistan. The good news is that there are several platforms and games in Pakistan in 2024 that let you earn money through in-game novelties, cash, cryptocurrency, and prizes.

Let's look at some of these titles to help you find the best online earning game in Pakistan that fits your tastes.

List of Top 5 Online Earning Games in Pakistan

We understand that you don't simply want a list of random, top online earning games. So, we did thorough research to find the best options in different genres so that most gamers can find something that suits their preferences.

Features Bitcoin Blocks Forest Knight Gamee Prizes 8 Ball Pool PUBG
Genre Tile-matching Tactical RPG Minigames arcade Pool Battle royale 
Platform iOS and Android Android iOS and Android iOS and Android iOS and Android 
Earning Potential $$$$ - $$$$$ - $$$
Earning Medium Bitcoin NFTs Cash Cash Cash 
  1. Bitcoin Blocks

Bitcoin Blocks 

Availability: Android Play Store and Apple App Store

Bitcoin Blocks is the best online earning game in Pakistan for people who do not want to engage in intense gameplay. With this app, you can earn real Bitcoin by tapping on blocks on your screen. The game is entirely free and does not require any investment.


  • Hundreds of Levels: Like the good old Candy Crush days, you get hundreds of levels from which to play and earn Bitcoin. So, there's enough content to keep you hooked.
  • Hilarious Puzzles: The game has a very interesting backstory. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which you have to follow the protagonist, Crumpty Dumpty (yes, it's a play on Humpty Dumpty), through endless levels and clear Bitcoin Blocks on your way.
  • Fables and Fairytales: If you have a taste for playing games with a fairytale-like storyline, you'll love this one. The game features a ton of popular fables and tales that make it all the more interesting.
  • Bitcoin-Themed: Many of the elements in the game revolve around the theme of Bitcoin.

Earning Potential

How much you can earn from Bitcoin Blocks depends on your determination and how many levels you complete. The more levels you complete, the more Bitcoin you earn.

In one of the reviews on the Apple Play Store, a player said they make up to $2.50 a day with this game.

  1. Forest Knight

Forest Knight 

Availability: Android Play Store

Forest Knight is a turn-based role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy universe. With over 100k downloads, the game is a player-favorite.

Users earn Knight Tokens for their in-game achievements, which they can then sell to other players. The in-game rewards are also in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be traded for real-world value.

Since one in-game NFT is over $80, it's no surprise that players are eager to keep playing and earning.


  • NFT-Powered Items: The game incorporates NFTs into its rewards system, making it unique and potentially lucrative for players.
  • Diverse Worlds: Forest Knight is a treat for those who love exploring different environments and landscapes. The game has a variety of worlds to explore, where players can find new treasures and challenges.
  • Rich Gameplay: Another feature that makes Forest Knight the best online earning game in Pakistan for adventure lovers is its enticing gameplay. You can discover more than 100 items.
  • Competitive Spirit: Not only do you earn money, but you also compete against other players for top rankings and bigger rewards. The real-time PvP and leaderboards will keep your spirits high.

Earning Potential

If you're a skilled player, you can make some serious money with Forest Knight. The key is to collect rare NFTs and sell them to other players for a higher price. With the game's popularity, there is always a demand for these items, making it a great opportunity to earn real money.

  1. Gamee Prizes

Gamee Prizes 

Availability: Android Play Store and Apple App Store

If you're on the hunt for real money earning games rather than those offering cryptocurrency, Gamee Prizes is the best option. It lets you earn real money by playing a number of games.

The app is 100% free to download and use, so there's no investment. You have to play games to earn tokens, which you can then redeem for cash prizes or gift cards. The best part is that there are daily challenges and tournaments where you can compete against others to win even bigger rewards.


  • 70+ Games: Possibly the most exciting feature of Gamee Prizes is the variety of games available. From puzzles and action to sports and strategy, there's something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Spin to Win: Every 24 hours, you get to spin a wheel for a chance to win big.
  • Daily Lottery and Scratchers: You can also enter daily lotteries and scratchers to get more chances to win. Withdraw the amount when you reach $10.
  • Leaderboards: Players can compete against other players for top rankings and bragging rights.

Earning Potential

The earning potential with Gamee Prizes isn't as high as some other games, but it's still something. You can increase your chances by taking part in daily challenges and lotteries. 

  1. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

Availability: Android Play Store and Apple Play Store

8 Ball Pool is one of the most popular real earning games in Pakistan and the rest of the world. It has been downloaded more than a billion times from the Play Store and has a rating of 4.4 stars.

As the name gives away, it is a pool game where you play against real players from all over the world. The game follows the standard rules of the pool, with an added twist of betting in-game currency. Winners take all the coins, which they can then send to others.

To earn money through this game, you must play a lot of it. Once you've built your expertise, you can partake in challenges hosted by the developers. You'll play with other qualified players, and the winner will get the cash prizes.

If you log in to Facebook and join 8 Ball Pool groups, you can make some cash by gifting your coins to other players, too.


  • PvP and Multiplayer Modes: 8 Ball Pool supports both player vs. player and multiplayer modes. So, you can play with friends or compete against strangers.
  • Pool Shop: This is where you can buy cues, chat packs, and other special items using the in-game currency.
  • Levels: The game has a ranking system that matches you with players of similar skill levels.
  • Locations: You can unlock and play in different pool halls as you progress through levels.

Earning Potential

You'll have to get to a certain level of expertise before you start making any real money. But once you do, there are quite a few ways to earn through the game. 

Besides the tournament, you can also post YouTube videos of your gameplay and monetize them through ad revenue. Also, join online leagues and competitions that offer cash prizes to the winners. 

  1. PUBG


Availability: Android Play Store and Apple App Store

PUBG has long been a fan-favorite among gamers, and it's no surprise that the mobile version of the game has taken the world by storm. With its realistic gameplay, intense action, on-the-go play, and constant updates, PUBG offers an immersive gaming experience.

You can earn money through the game in two ways. One, you can participate in tournaments and win cash prizes. Two, you can sell virtual items such as skins, clothing, and weapons for real money. If your account is big enough, you can even sell your account for a hefty sum.


  • Maps and Modes: There are a ton of different maps and modes to choose from. From classic matches to unique gameplay modes, there is always something new to discover in PUBG.
  • Customizable Controls: When you play the game, you can customize your control settings to suit your preferences.
  • 10-minute Challenges: You don't have to spend hours online. Instead, you can engage in quick 10-minute matches for a fun and fast-paced gaming experience.

Earning Potential

Depending on your skill level and luck, you can earn a decent amount of money through PUBG. Tournaments typically offer significant cash prizes, with some even reaching up to thousands of dollars.

Bonus Earning App in Pakistan: Almaz

Almaz app 

If playing games isn't your cup of tea or you don't have the attention span to play games and earn money, you can give other online apps a try. One such app is Almaz, a platform that lets you earn money by acting as a guarantor between P2P transactions.

All you have to do is guarantee the transaction, and you'll get a set remuneration for your service. Since this is a riba-free model, Pakistani users can confidently use the app without any religious concerns.

Register and start earning legitimately today. 

Pros and Cons of Online Earning Games in Pakistan in 2024

Before you start spending hours on your favorite online earning game in Pakistan, you should know the pros and cons of this method of earning.


  • Fun-based Earning: With online games in Pakistan, earning money doesn't have to seem like work. Instead, it's a fun pastime.
  • Flexibility: You don't have to sit to play at a specific time every day. Simply play when it's convenient for you. So, it's quite convenient for students and people with busy schedules.
  • No Investment Required: With games, you can earn online in Pakistan without investment. All you need to spend is your time. Although these games have in-app purchases, you don't necessarily have to spend money to earn.
  • Skill Development: Playing online earning games can help develop various skills, such as strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination.
  • Low Barrier to Entry: Many online earning games have a low barrier to entry. Anyone can join and start playing without any prior experience or qualifications.


  • Time-Consuming: While it may seem convenient to play these games whenever you want, you still have to spend a lot of time reaching higher levels and making any actual money.
  • Gamble Addiction: The excitement of winning and the fear of losing can lead to addictive behavior in some individuals, causing them to spend excessive amounts of time and money on these games.
  • Low Earnings: Unless you're streaming or participating in gaming tournaments, the earnings from online earning games may not be substantial. It's important to set realistic expectations and not rely solely on these games for income.

Tips for Playing Online Earning Games in Pakistan in 2024

Here are some helpful tips to make money while playing.

  • Set a time limit. Don't get too caught up in the game and forget about your other responsibilities. Set a specific time limit for playing each day and stick to it.  
  • Choose the right game: Do some research and find out which games have a good reputation for paying players. Look for reviews and earning potential. Also, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't fall for scams.
  • Learn from others: Join online forums and communities to learn from experienced players. You can also get insights from Reddit threads and YouTube tutorials.


There you have it: a list of games you can play online to earn money in Pakistan. You can go ahead and select the game that appeals to you the most and start earning.

However, remember that these games should not be your sole source of income. Treat them as a side hustle for your coffee or shopping money.


Which game gives you real money?

There are quite a few games that give you real money, such as Forest Knight and Gamee Prizes. You have to earn in-game tokens and win tournaments to exchange them for real money.

Is there a free game that pays real money?

Gamee Prizes is a minigames arcade where you can play a number of games to earn real money. The money can be withdrawn once you reach $10.