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30 May 2024
Almaz Admin
Unlock Earnings: Top Invite and Earn Apps in Pakistan for 2024
Imagine earning money just by inviting your friends and family to sign up on an app. It may sound surreal, but there are many earning apps in Pakistan that can help you do that without asking for heavy deposits. These “invite and earn apps” offer a shortcut to earn money with little effort. On average, […]

Imagine earning money just by inviting your friends and family to sign up on an app. It may sound surreal, but there are many earning apps in Pakistan that can help you do that without asking for heavy deposits.

These “invite and earn apps” offer a shortcut to earn money with little effort. On average, you can earn around 25 PKR to 14,000 PKR ($0.1-$50) affiliate bonuses from these sites. If you are lucky, the amount can extend to a whopping 27,000 PKR ($100) reward, provided that you meet the eligibility criteria. 

So, if you are a Pakistani looking for an opportunity to earn money, here is a list of earning apps in Pakistan that pay you based on referrals. Dig in to find their details. 

What Are Invite and Earn Apps?

Invite and earn apps are also known as referral bonus apps. They work on the concept of affiliate rewards, allowing people to earn money by referring the platform to their friends and asking them to sign up using a referral link. The bonus amount is received once the invited person makes a transaction. 

Not everyone likes to work actively to earn money. Invite and earn apps offer an easy and legitimate way for such people to earn some passive income. 

How Do They Work?

Most of the earning apps work the same way. Regardless of which earn money apps in Pakistan you choose, you can start earning in the following steps: 

  1. Download your preferred app. 
  2. Look for the “Invite Friends or Invite a Friend” option and choose it. 
  3. Pick the friend from your contact list and share their details. The app will send your friend an SMS or email with the link to download the application. 
  4. Ask your friend to open the link and download the platform. 
  5. For most apps, your friend will have to make a transaction for you to earn your referral bonus. 

The amount of this reward may vary on different platforms. 

List of Top 8 Online Earning Apps in Pakistan in 2024

Here are 8 best options to help you increase your earnings with an earning app in Pakistan:

  1. Almaz

Almaz is hands down one of the best earning apps when it comes to referral bonuses. It is an electronic wallet that helps you make quick transfers using P2P. You just have to sign in to the app, act as a guarantor of transactions, and earn money for each transaction.

To use this earning app in Pakistan for referral bonuses, you just have to invite friends through an invitation link. Once any of your friends sign up using the link and make their first transaction, you will automatically receive the bonus in your account.

The best part? Almaz has a simple registration process and convenient verification, which makes signing up a breeze. Overall, it is a quick, easy, and legitimate way of boosting your earnings. 

  1. Udhaar App

Next on the list is the Udhaar app. This earning app allows you to easily manage your finances and payments, including stocks, credits, payments, staff payroll, and more. 

To earn money with this app, all you have to do is refer the application to a friend and ask them to download it. This will earn you Rs. 50 or around $0.18 on each referral! 

That’s not it. You can double up your earnings with commissions when the same friend completes an easy load transaction. 

  1. Zindagi

Zindagi is another online earning app in Pakistan that facilitates top-notch financial management. It can be used to send money, pay bills, choose mobile bundles, leverage mutual funds, and much more. 

With Zindagi, users can earn money by inviting friends to order a MasterCard debit card. These rewards are only gained once your friends activate their cards. You can earn up to Rs. 200 for each account that activates. 

  1. JazzCash

JazzCash is another great invite and earn app in Pakistan that offers instant bonuses. All you have to do is invite friends through the JazzCash app or your JazzCash Mobile Account and earn up to Rs. 120. 

Additionally, you can earn an extra Rs. 50 when a friend makes a transaction using JazzCash in the same month of joining it. 

  1. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is a safe avenue to boost your earnings with extra bucks. It features simple activities like watching videos or completing a survey.

However, only some people know you can earn even more money by referring the Swagbucks to a friend. Simply share your referral link with your friends. Once they start using the online platform, you will earn 10% of whatever your friend makes. 

  1. Fiverr 

Fiverr is a popular online earning app for exploring gigs related to your skills and talent. It is a wonderful marketplace for finding people who may be willing to pay you for your exceptional writing, teaching, editing, programming, or even acting skills. 

Fiverr’s referral bonus is a bit interesting. When you refer the platform to a friend, they will get a discount of 10% off their first transaction. At the same time, you will also get a referral bonus of 10% of the transaction amount. 

The total referral bonus and the discount amount are capped at $100 (PKR 27,000) per order.

  1. Daraz 

As a Pakistani, your quest to make extra money doesn’t end yet. Daraz is a well-known online marketplace with a feature called the Daraz Dosti Referral Program.

It is one of the top earning apps in Pakistan, allowing users to earn Rs. 100 on referrals. Once your friend downloads the Daraz app, you earn a set amount of money in your Daraz wallet. 

  1. Savyour 

Savyour is a free cashback application that’s nothing less than a blessing for online shopping enthusiasts. The platform is available to use in Pakistan and can be joined conveniently by making an account to earn cashback on every purchase. 

Furthermore, the app provides a referral program through which you can earn Rs. 50 in rewards by inviting friends. That’s surely an easy way to earn money. 


Which App is Best For Students to Earn Money?

Almaz, Daraz, Udhaar, and Zindagi are good options with a safe earning potential for students. They don't have tough sign-up criteria and are easy to navigate and resell. You can also start with Swagbucks and earn money by completing surveys or watching videos. 

Which App is Best to Earn Money?

To earn money in Pakistan, Almaz is the best app to start. You just have to act as a Guarantor of transactions and earn money on each transaction. Alternatively, you can try Fiverr to earn from gigs and make money in dollars. You can also join Savyour or Daraz to make money from referral bonuses.


Everyone can earn hundreds of rupees by inviting friends to join and use a platform. Earning apps offer financial freedom to anyone looking to earn extra money every month. 

So, if you want to grow financially, we recommend you choose Almaz. The platform is legit and super easy to get started. You will be the Guarantor of transactions and can earn easy money on each transaction!

Want to learn more? Check out their website and get started with Almaz!